Switch to a better alternative

smoking vs vapingIf you’re an addicted smoker who’s trying to quit but find it difficult, then you need to consider switching to healthier alternatives that can be beneficial to you. With e-cigarettes, you can smoke healthy and still enjoy the same pleasure you would have otherwise derived from traditional cigarettes. Usually, a vast majority of those interested in electronic cigarettes are current smokers, which is a great idea because it will reduce the addiction and the side effects related to ‘smoking’. That’s why you should think of an alternative and buy e-liquid products that come in different flavours. Here are some of the health benefits of using e-cigarettes over normal cigarettes.

#1. They Reduce Addiction to Nicotine

Apart from the health risks that are associated with tobacco tar, the burden of nicotine addiction can be adverse. The use of e-cigarettes reduces the effects of conventional cigarettes and is capable of helping smokers quit smoking cigarettes gradually. Hence that will help you reduce the risk of getting affected by such conditions as heart attack, stroke, lung cancer, pneumonia, throat cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and so much more. E-cigarettes are simply a gateway to nicotine addiction, which is one of the best ways to get started on recovery.

#2. E-Cigarettes Don’t Have the Distinctive Odor Found In Traditional Cigarettes

Most of non-cigarette smoker can confirm that cigarettes have an unpleasant odor that gets onto and clings anything it comes into contact with. You might not notice it as a smoker but it’s offensive and noticeable especially to ex-smokers. But on the other hand, e-cigarettes are devoid of this ominous odor as they involve exhaling vapour instead of exhaling smoke, and with a variety of e-juices available in the market today, you can choose from a wide range of flavors that will appeal to you. From bakery flavour juices to berry fruit e-juices all through to chocolate flavoured e-liquids, you can almost be spoilt for choice.

#3. E-Cigarettes Are Much Cheaper Than Traditional Cigarettes

Many cities & boroughs are raising cigarette taxes so as to discourage smokers from consuming the products. A packet a day can cost you several pounds and there are other related costs including cost of lighters, ash trays and more. But with e-cigarettes, you only need to buy a starter kit (which is quite high in price, but is only an initial payout) and will only be required to purchase cartomizers and batteries when they run low. And since e-cigarette products are not currently subjected to any form of tax, you can buy e-liquid products at the lowest prices and enjoy healthy smoking.